Farm Internship Application

Availability: We accept applications year round.

Instructions for Applying:  To apply, email the below information to with subject line:

“INTERN APPLICANT_Name_AvailableDates”  (e.g. “INTERN APPLICANT_TomReyes_Aug1_Nov25).

The email should include:

1) Your resume

2) Three references (contact number and phone number/email)

3) Application form* below (please cut/paste questions with answers into the body of your email)

*If there is more than one person in your party, each person needs to complete the application below and send their resume and references

Application Form (please cut/paste the following information below into the body of your email):

  1. NAME:
  3. PHONE NUMBER (and time zone so we don’t call off-hours):
    1. Coming:
    2. Going:
    3. Flexible? (You can embellish with your desired stay). We ask for a minimum 1-month commitment, although we generally prefer a 3-month commitment. This includes a 1-week trial to see if you are a good fit for the farm and if the farm is a good fit for you…we understand this can be difficult for your planning but we can not make commitments without meeting you in person. If we are “FULL” but you are awesome and up for it, we have lots camping space.
  6. ORGANIC OR CONVENTIONAL GARDENING/FARMING EXPERIENCE? For example: maintaining garden beds, weeding and using equipment such as broad forks, pruning saws, and other gardening tools; building and application of soil amendments and natural fertilizers, sifting soil, and sheet mulching; pruning and maintenance of orchards; setting up irrigation systems and fencing; pest management including application of natural pesticides; nursery maintenance; overall crop production; harvesting, making value-added products from seconds; operating a farmers market or CSA; permaculture design and any other relevant training or experience:
  7. LANDSCAPING EXPERIENCE? For example: landscape design, using equipment such as weed whackers and chain saws, propagation of landscape plants, rock work and any other relevant training or experience:
  8. ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EXPERIENCE? For example: feeding and handling various farm animals; setting up fencing and housing; diagnostic and maintenance of animal health and any other relevant training or experience:
  9. BUILDING AND MAINTENANCE? (Please include use of specific tools and types of projects or any other relevant training or experience):
  10. TEACHING? For example: designing and hosting youth and/or adult farming, wellness or art workshops; tours; outdoor education and any other training or experience:
  11. OTHER? Other relevant skills/experience you’d like to add?:
  12. WHY INTERN? What is the #1 reason you want to do a farm work-trade exchange?
  13. WHY WAIHUENA FARM? What is appealing about our farm and intern program? How do you see yourself contributing to Waihuena Farm’s vision of “Creating a place of health and wellness for our ‘farmily’ and local community”?
  14. YOUR SKILLS: Any specific contributions you are excited to make towards our garden, orchard, nursery, compost program, CSA/Farmstand, or communal living areas? What are your goals and future plans related to farming? What are your top three farming skills you’d like develop during your stay at Waihuena Farm?
  15. ACCOMMODATIONS: Do you have camping or off-grid living experience (e.g. outdoor kitchens, toilets, showers etc.)? What environmental and health-minded practices do you currently/aspire to incorporate into your daily lifestyle? (e.g. not using single-use plastics or buying GMO foods etc.)?
  16. HEALTH: Are you in good physical and mental health? Do you have a strong work ethic or any challenges participating in group workdays and living in a group setting? While we strive to create a healthy environment we are not a retreat center and the work is labor intensive and often in the heat of the day.
  17. ALTERNATIVES: If we cannot accommodate you at this time, are you interested in volunteering (Y/N), renting one of our simple accommodations (Y/N), or interning in the near future (NEXT DATES AVAILABLE)? Please check out our website and facebook page to see what we have been up to.

Follow-up after applying: Please feel free to check-back with us if you submitted your information via email and have not heard from us within two weeks. It is helpful if you can highlight your availability dates and skill set (in bullets). We do get a lot of interest and give priority to those who have completed a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) or have skills in gardening, animal husbandry, early-childhood/outdoor education, nutrition and wellness, green design and community building.