Our intern programs are ideal for those who are interested in the daily operations of a working organic farm servicing a small community supported agriculture (CSA) program. Additionally, we give priority to those majoring in sustainable agriculture, environmental studies, and a range of health and wellness modalities.


Two-Week Intensive Intern Program

Are you a busy professional or student who would like to use your vacation, college break time, sabbatical, or GAP Year to learn about sustainable agriculture? If so, please consider participating in one of our intensive two-week farming programs. We offer these programs throughout the year depending on the availability of our instructors and the number of interested participants on our waiting list. This program is structured around a two-week service project and only operates once our minimum number of participants have signed-up. The pricing of this program varies based on the cost for the instructor and materials associated with the service project. To apply or be added to our list of interested participants, please email: info@waihuenafarm.com


1-3 Month Work Exchange Intern Program

Our farm has participated in the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) program since 2008. However, we are currently opening up our work-trade exchange to those who are not registered as a WOOFer and are interested in applying to our farm directly.

Our one- to three-month intern program is ideal for those with prior experience in gardening, animal husbandry, landscaping, or green building. Depending on farm needs, from time to time, we also need interns with experience in education or nutrition and wellness.

We've started to host a growing number of "snow bird" farmers who are interested in a seasonal, traveling work-exchange in our tropical climate, students in sustainable agriculture programs who have structured independent studies through their university, recent graduates in our local Go-Farm program, and others interested in transitioning into farming as a livelihood.

The work-exchange internship is structured around 19 hours per week of group workdays Monday-Friday. These workdays allow us to use a ʻlearn-by-doingʻ approach in which you work around various components of our growing system (e.g. soil and bed prep, cultivating seeds and starters, maintenance and harvesting in our main garden), strategies for expanding farm areas (e.g. agroforesty zones) and marketing/processing our produce (e.g. CSA, farmers markets, value-added products, etc.).  The work-exchange allows interns to stay in rustic accommodations on the farm with outdoor showers and compost toilets. Meals are not included but we do our best to provide bulk food items and farm produce.

To access our application, click below and email it to: info@waihuenafarm.com